Fees & Services Booking Captain Plumb


Keynote Presentation
(up to 90 minutes)

Inside CONUS

Outside CONUS / Within NA

Outside CONUS / Outside NA
$ TBD 

Round Tables
(up to 3.5 hr.)

Half Day

Full Day


Leadership Development Series

4 Month Program

6 Month Program

12 Month Program

Video Conference Follow up

Video Follow Up

(up to 2.5hr.)


Additional Fees added to the Base Honorarium include:
Business-Class round-trip travel from Southern CA, up to two-nights lodging, and expenses. (Additional lodging may be necessary for events taking place outside CONUS.)

Calendar Holds:

If you would like to place a hold on Captain’s calendar, or renew one, please contact Susan:

Office: (818)991-1964

Cell: (818) 264-9639


Please Note: If another client extends a Firm Offer for the date you are holding, you will be extended 24 hours to exercise your option to sign a contract for that date.

Optional Travel Inclusive Fee:
When the event venue is within CONUS, clients have the option of contracting a travel fee inclusive of air, and ground in the Speaker’s home city. Client will be responsible for lodging and ground transportation in the destination city. The breakdown for the travel fee is determined by the destination time zone:

PACIFIC – $500
Plus Lodging & Ground in Event City
MOUNTAIN – $1,000
Plus Lodging & Ground in Event City
CENTRAL – $1,500
Plus Lodging & Ground in Event City
EASTERN – $2,500
Plus Lodging & Ground in Event City

A/V Requirements:
A lavaliere/cordless microphone – An empty stage or riser (no podium please), preferably a hard surface on the riser (not carpet), minimum of 8’ x 8’ in size and 18” above the audience – A stationary spotlight from the center/back of the room focused on center/stage – A DVD player and screen.

Please contact us with any additional questions, or to place a hold on the calendar:
Office: (818) 991-1964
Cell: (818) 264-9639